Operation Catalyst

The first weekend of April saw the conduct of 226 ACUs first overnight exercise for 2018.

Lessons to assist recruits within a new and challenging environment were taught and training in tactical positioning and movement was executed.

Field engineering was practiced whilst establishing company headquarters and bridges touching on bush craftsmanship and ropemanship. The cadets led by CDTLCPL Patrick Comesky (aka. Dig Master) made an outstanding effort in creating a trench 14 metres long displacing approximately 45 tonnes of topsoil in which the trench was later utilised for a very exciting night exercise.

Training endured through the late hours of night where tactical patrolling, camouflage and concealment were crucial to mission success as they operated within opposing cadets territories.

As dawn broke, an intense exercise involving the protection of a vehicle convoy lead into first aid scenarios, where cadets had to treat and manage simulated injuries within their teams and successfully extract them.

Incredible attitudes to learning and hard work were displayed by everybody that attended.