Overnight bivouacs are organised and conducted by our unit leadership team in each term. Held in bush environments, field craft skills can be further refined. Specialist equipment such as personal radios, night vision goggles and first aid equipment is utilised.

Every year 226 ACU cadets participate in ANZAC services to commemorate the landing of Australian and New Zealand soldiers at Gallipoli. Services range mounted guards for the Hornsby Dawn Service to the Sydney city march and march of the Australian flag at the Sydney football stadium.

 The Adventure Training Award is designed as the most physically and mentally  demanding set of activities in which Cadets can participate during their years in the Australian Army Cadets. 226 ACU has had over 6 cadets complete the award in the last 4 years.

Snow Sports Team

The cadet snow sport team strengthens the relations between the three services, being, Army, Navy and Air Force in an alpine environment. Now in it's fourth year, the week long activity is held in Perisher Valley and hosted from the TS Orion Navy unit in Jindabyne.

The annual field exercise brings units together from the North Sydney area (22 Battalion). Held at Singleton military installation, company vs company exercise, abseiling, weapons firing and other elements of field craft are perfected.

Annual Field Exercise
Unit Reconnaissance Team

226 ACU has a team of 6 senior cadets that receive more advanced and specialised field craft training. This training is overseen by two of the units best senior leaders for quality and individual learning. Every semester the team members change for high recon participation rates.

Unit Bivouacs
ANZAC commerations
Adventure Training Award