The Australian Army Cadets (AAC) is a national youth development organisation. While the AAC is not part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), cadets in the organisation wear the uniform of the Army and receive training and adventurous activities in a military setting.


Cadets who join the AAC do so out of a drive to push their limits and to encounter new experiences through the unique training and activities that are offered in the AAC. Cadets are taught to always carry themselves along the Army’s core values of Courage, Initiative, Teamwork, and Respect.


Throughout a career in the AAC, cadets are taught essential skills in the areas of Navigation, Drill, Fieldcraft, Firearms Training and more. Furthermore, Cadets are taught the importance of self-discipline, teamwork, respect and professionalism. These skills stay with Cadets after they leave the AAC and make an important impact in their lives. 


The AAC is run by the cadets themselves and as a result, offers many leadership opportunities to young men and women, unlike any other youth development organisation. Cadets have the opportunity to develop their leadership and command potential by attending Promotion Courses and being appointed to a senior leadership position within the AAC at a Unit, Battalion, Brigade or National level. 


Cadets in the AAC are encouraged to consider enlisting in the ADF, however, it is not required that they do so.  

CDT Harold after an intense and exhausting First Aid Scenario during a Bivouac in 2017.